Experts from day one


Our expertise and knowledge all started in this sector. After decades of collaboration with the one of the largest manufacturers of forklifts in the world, we continue to create robust, lightweight, cost-effective parts for this global product, as well as other for market-leaders in this sector.

creative composites, compression moulding, composites manufacturer

Using advanced compression moulding and a completely automated robotics production line, we have brought incredible accuracy and efficiency into the manufacturing process, helping our client to become even more commercially successful.

Creative Composites provides a reliable, durable, robust solution for the off-highway industry, one that allows the replacement of metal with confidence and adds innovation to long-established brands, vehicles, and products.


Effective and accountable manufacturing

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Better Manufacturing, creative composites, compression moulding, composites manufacturer

Stable dimensions and dimensional accuracy, part-to-part repeatability, stable mechanical properties and enhanced surface finish.  A more efficient, effective and accountable manufacturing process.  A purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility.

With skilled operators adding value by applying the finishing touches to full product assemblies, Creative Composites offers a complete product solution delivered on time, every time.


Mechanical integrity and strength

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Creative Composites has a team of design and quality engineers who are dedicated to the production of robust component parts for the off-highway sector. This close team are highly experienced and focused on meeting, and exceeding, the exacting demands of our clients.

Every client is unique; we are flexible and always adopt a collaborative approach.  Together, we advise, create, and refine efficient, effective designs for manufacture; the end result is high-quality, repeatable, cost-effective products.


Dimensional precision delivered consistently

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