Creative Composites were commissioned by an innovative furniture design house in the UK who works with world leading designers, architects and artists to manufacture a number of luxury pieces from composite materials.

Creative used techniques normally applicable to the automotive industry to offer a unique solution to their innovative designs which would not have been possible with conventional materials.

Creative's engineering design team worked closely with the client to perfect designs using composite materials to provide a high quality, sleek finish, with strength and durability.

One such example is the 'Zero-In' low table by BarberOsgerby which makes use of several visual illusions and challenging construction techniques. A seamless ribbon of polyester forms the base of the table. A dual wall construction means that the interior walls of the table converge at a more extreme angle than the exterior walls and when objects are placed upon the table's glass surface they appear to float unaided. The whole table seems to hover slightly above the ground with the aid of concealed feet.